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What to do on Thanksgiving?

I’m sure most of you have dinner plans with friends and family, but I know many people are looking for meaningful activities. Helping out at a local food bank, or serving up meals at a shelter, certainly will brighten many less fortunate people’s day. Places like the Los Angeles Mission, located deep down in LA's skid row, are perfect examples of where you are needed. The poorest of the poor will be fed and their grateful smiles will certainly make you feel blessed.

The spirit of Thanksgiving has long been a sharing of abundance. Being celebrated the 4th Thursday in November it symbolizes a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest. This Holiday is rooted in English traditions, dating back to the Protestant reformation. We, in the United States, trace this tradition back to 1621, when a celebration in present-day Massachusetts was staged due to the especially bountiful harvest season that year. Pilgrims from England which had settled in the region carried on the tradition they were accustomed to. Not until the late 1660’s was this Holiday a regular annual event.

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