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What to do if you caught the Entrepreneur bug

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Have you noticed? Entrepreneurship is everywhere!

Seems that everyone is talking about their new idea. Some people are even a step further and have started testing their idea. If you have caught the entrepreneur bug, I highly recommend watching this short video (2:22) from Kathryn Finney of The Budget Fashionista and Digital UnDivided. She spoke at OPEN for Women: CEO BootCamp on March 26, 2014 about the best practices and agility start-ups can apply to small businesses.

In the video, Kathryn points out the 5 principles of the lean startup movement, which are key ways to see how high your idea can fly:

  1. Entrepreneurship is everywhere
  2. Rethink how entrepreneurship is managed
  3. Validated learning
  4. Innovative Accounting
  5. Feedback loop

Bottom Line: Build. Measure. Learn. Rinse. Repeat.

Are you an entrepreneur or want to be one? Share your comments below!


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