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What to do for New Year's that won't blow your wallet away....

Champagne Blowing
Champagne Blowing
Katrina Curry

So many people already have plans for their New Year’s party; but there are some of you that may still be wondering, “What exactly am I going to do myself?”  If you’re worried that going out will cost you way too much money—and more often than not, it will—then ask your friends.

What are they doing tomorrow night?  Are they going out to the clubs, restaurants or bars?  Or are they having a house party?  Some of them may still be wondering this about you!  A great way to enjoy this New Year’s celebration that isn’t overwhelming, or costly, is by having a get together at your house, or one of your friends houses.  Everyone that comes can contribute to the party by bringing snacks or beverages. This will save everyone a great amount of money, and not to mention it’s a lot of fun.  On the plus side, you can also hear what they’re actually saying during your conversations versus putting your ear against their mouth and still wondering what they just said.

OR, if you are planning on going out, where are you going to go?  A great way to figure that out is to listen to your favorite radio stations.  They’ll often promote local hot spots that will be featuring free entertainment, and drink or food specials that will be going on.  Also, be sure to designate a driver in the beginning of the evening.  This will save you on taxi fare, as well as keep all of you safe—and the rest of us as well.  Cab fare can be pretty pricey depending on the area that you live in.  Usually one friend will be more than happy to be the DD of the evening, and most likely, any place you go tomorrow night will give free soft drinks to those that are responsible for driving.

Look for advertisements on what to do.  So many local places want people to visit them tomorrow night, so just be on the lookout for who has the best specials.

But the most important thing to remember is:  Please don’t drink and drive.  Be safe, and above all, have fun!!

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