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What to do during the adoption wait: Make a photo book

Different online sites offer various photo book options
Different online sites offer various photo book options
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Over the past several months, we've discussed various ways to pass the time during adoption with activities like making your own jewelry, training for a run or going on a West Michigan wine tasting adventure.  Another great way to pass the adoption time is to make an online photo book.

For many years, scrapbooking was increasingly popular for those who wanted to find a creative way to document photos for display. Today, online sites like Shutterfly, Picaboo or Mixbook are becoming even more popular for those seeking a more professional approach with an online digital photo book.

For the user, they are able to upload their digital photos to the specific site and pick from layouts and backgrounds for the various pages in the books. The books pages are completely flat, with the pictures embedded, so the photos do not run the risk of being damaged over time like traditional scrapbooks that require physical copies of photographs on the pages.

The books can have various themes or just document a period of time such as the various steps of the adoption process.

In Grand Rapids, many Target stores have samples of Shutterfly's photo books available for customers to view at the photo development center.

The books can run anywhere from $40 to $200 depending on how many pages are added.

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