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What to do during the adoption wait: Go shopping!

Waiting during adoption can be fun.
Waiting during adoption can be fun.
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Those who are going through an adoption process will tell you many of their friends and family often like to compare pregnancy with an adoption process. And much like any new arrival, future adoptive moms still have baby showers, decorate nursery's or bedrooms and anticipate the arrival of the new family member just as an expectant mother would.

So with that, an expectant family waiting for a placement can fill some of their time with building a registry and shopping for what the new child will need when he or she comes home.

If the family is expecting an infant, Edmin's USA Baby just off of 28th Street in Grand Rapids is a great place to start. The store is filled with everything a parent will need for a new baby's nursery. They also have a great layaway program that can be helpful for those on a budget or have an extended waiting period for placement.

Moms who are looking for more unique items from baby boutique's can visit places like Snapdragon Boutique in Grand Rapids. Snapdragon carries a large assortment of rare baby items and has two convenient locations in Grand Rapids.

Another great way to find great items at a low price is going to a Mom 2 Mom sale. These sales are typically held in area churches and may charge a small admission fee, but there are generally lots of moms selling their old baby stuff at garage sale prices. For more information on Mom 2 Mom sales in West Michigan, visit the Grand Rapids Mom 2 Mom Web site.

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