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What to do and how to prepare all those garden fresh herbs and veggies

The back yard garden is thriving despite the odd weather, rabbits, birds and other natural enemies. Now what? The kitchen table looks like a farmers market. Your friends and neighbors have their own garden or someone has previously shared with them. Well, its time to chop, freeze, store, and scour for some recipe's in the cook book or on line. The internet can provide wonderful tips on how to prepare mint leaves, thyme, parsley, cilantros and other herbs and spices.

Have too many zucchini's? Sautéed zucchini with sprigs of parsley and cilantros is tasty and healthy as well. Delicious shortbread and thyme cookie recipes can be found online at Shortbread cookies with thyme can be easily prepared and the cookies taste great.

Mint leaves can give a cup of water that little kick. Parsley complements spaghetti nicely and cilantros adds power to tacos and shrimp curry. Yummy!

Tired of eating plain cucumbers? Swapping food ideas and pickling recipes can be found on line instantaneously. Chatting with friends about food options can be fun. The internet can be such a valuable tool in preparing and freezing those garden goodies. Gardening is relaxing and refreshing Additionally, gardening can save time and money. Why drive to the store and spend $ 1.00 on a cucumber? With some preparation, gardeners can grow plenty of veggies in their back yard or patio..

A small garden can produce garden fresh veggies that are healthy and tasty in a matter of weeks

Happy gardening.

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