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What to do after you receive your acceptance letter

Acceptance Letters for Private Schools are Coming Soon
Acceptance Letters for Private Schools are Coming Soon
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Right around Spring Break is when private schools from across the city begin to send out their acceptance letters for the upcoming school year. If you have applied for a school for the next school year, keep your eyes on your mailbox - there should be letters accepting your child to all the schools they applied to that were a good fit for them.

Once your child is accepted to a school, what should you do next? Firstly, you'll want to celebrate with your student. But what if they are accepted to more than one school? How should you decide? This is a decision you should not make lightly, as your child will likely be a student at that school for several years. Think back to when you visited the campuses. Was there any tour or facility that caught your attention? If your child shadowed another student for a time, ask them which visit they enjoyed the most. Compare the activities and courses that your child is most interested in - is one of the schools markedly better in those areas in terms of facilities or instructors? More practically, is one school significantly closer to your home or workplace than others? Factors like this can help make a difficult decision easier.

After you've made your decision on which school you will become a part of, you need to complete your registration paperwork and pay any registration fees your school sets to ensure you have reserved your spot for the coming year. Many schools will also ask for things like vaccination records and media releases at this time, so make sure you have up to date information to provide. After registration is complete, enjoy the rest of this school year and look forward to starting your new academic journey!