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What things matter to you, Cleveland?

Nate Berkus encourages us to focus on the things that matter; not  anyting else.

Unlike my mother and sister, for whom decorating comes naturally; I am not a natural decorator. While my house is very neat and clean and I do have some interesting items; you probably would not bring a camera crew to photograph it for a magazine. I have been doing some re-decorating lately. I realize that while I do not want to be a "girlie - girl" that is obsessed with decorating; I also want to have a space that looks nice and gives me a good feeling when I come home everyday.

In Nate Berkus's new memoir, The Things That Matter, he talks about how his own life as well as other people's lives have been touched and improved by how they decorate their homes. Mr. Berkus describes how he has either helped these people decorate; or how they have decorated their homes themselves. He is not saying that the things that he or other people have put in their houses are directly responsible for happiness. He is stressing instead that the meaning behind these things is what matters. For example, maybe you have some plates in your home that you cannot stand. But, you keep them anyway because someone else wants you to; or you think you just have to do that. Pretty soon, you are accumulating all sorts of "stuff" that you do not want. Nothing has any meaning to you anymore. Mr. Berkus encourages us not to fall into that trap. Do not have things for the sake of having them. Have things that really matter to you. Forget the clutter and all the junk!

On that note, I think that I am going to try to take Nate Berkus's advice while I am doing some re-decorating. I should not go overboard; but I should make some more effort inside the house too. Oh, yes, I should do a little more outside of the house too. :)

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