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What They Said Wednesdays: "I started off local, mindset global..."~Tye Nitty


Tye Nitty Consistent PersistenceTye Nitty, the Detroit underground lyricist labeled by some as “industry-ready” will perform his latest music venture, Consistent Persistence, when he rocks the “Take Flight Thursday” crowd at his music release party on Thursday, May 13, 2010 at Next Level Lounge Downtown Detroit.

Although Tye Nitty has been rapping seriously for only 3 years, he boasts a healthy catalog with four solo projects and a mixtape collaboration with his Murder Mitten Family: Ill Will, D Hall the Queen and $t. Nic. Relentless in his quest to become an artist that stands out from others in this overcrowded hip hop music scene, Tye Nitty says the one thing that sets him apart from other rappers is, “I do what I say I’mma do,”—a statement seemingly mediocre in gesture, however many industry tastemakers will agree that rappers simply get passed over because they do not “follow up”. What would really put him on the map is a hot track with Anita Baker. Surprisingly, Baker is the one “local” artist Tye Nitty wants to work with. Nationally, Nitty wouldn’t mind getting in the booth with none other than “Mr. I’m Back”, Atlanta rapper, T.I.

"I do what I say I'mma do" ~Tye Nitty 

Consistent Persistence, the follow up to his previous release, Premeditated Success, is a powerful title from an artist who has been through a lot of the ups and downs that life has to offer both in and out the music game. “The average person would’ve given up rapping,” Tye Nitty states. “Consistent persistence is a code to live by; it only makes sense to keep going until I reach the level of success that I need to be at, whether keeping my label Taj Records going or helping my crew.” When asked what listeners can expect from Consistent Persistence, Tye Nitty instructs, “First off, they have to listen with an ill thinkin’ cap. They can expect wittiness and good, strong intellectual lyrics. It’s music you can take to apply to everyday life.” 

Take Flight Thursdays @ Next Level

Tye Nitty’s mindset and clever approach is definitely apparent in his other titles on previously released albums:
1_SOP (Survive or Parish)
2_I Created My Own Luck
3_Premeditated Success, 2008
4_Murder Mitten Mixtape, 2009
5_Consistent Persistence, 2010

Tye Nitty consistently wows the crowds at the local open mics around Detroit. “I’m the reason for your ahs and oohs, you put on four tube socks, you couldn’t walk in my shoes.” His persistence in reaching the masses beyond city limits has prompted him to make his performance at “Take Flight Thursdays” his last open mic show. Realizing that remaining a local fixture as an “open mic rapper” isn’t the best for his career, Nitty plans to headline his own shows and step out of the boundaries of Detroit.

“It’s not gonna happen if I stay local. I’m taking my career to the next level [laughs].” Nitty’s pun was not intended mentioning “Next Level”; however this venue opened its doors in October 2009 to all-things-media promoter, Lilmissdottie, creator of Take Flight Thursdays. Along with host, 1Mind Entertainment’s Mista White, and the legendary DJ Jewels Baby, Take Flight Thursdays has welcomed such performers such as Big Phella Dec, Big Herk and Gotcha Back Ent, Street Justice, Kopelli of Cold Men Young, Fatt Father, VStylez, Mark Da Spark, Black Vegaz, Volcano, J.Mack, Young Gino of the Bakeup Boyz, Bugzey Baby, Shawn Picasso, JD the Smile Hustler, Dime, Mz. P, Steven B the Great, Silverback, Mr. Flawless, Hustle and Gengis from Port Huron, J. Brooks, Skinny Boy Graphix, Mixo Detroit, Blue Raspberry of Wu Tang Clan, Start N Line Camp, John Drama True Hollywood Story Tour, Buddah Bless, J Focuz, Brittany C. Myree and many more.

The showcase originally started as a convenient hub for local artists to bring their music for radio consideration for the wildly popular Detroit radio show, “What’s Next on the Menu?” a one hour timeslot on FM 98 WJLB playing unsigned, undiscovered local talent. However, Take Flight Thursday s grew into much more—a spot where artists wanted to launch new music projects first, a runway enabling them to “take flight”. This Thursday will also be the farewell show for “Take Flight Thursday” at Next Level Lounge and will convene at other locations around the city.

Come celebrate Tye Nitty’s Consistent Persistence album release party on Thursday, May 13, 2010 at Next Level Lounge 546 E. Larned, Downtown Detroit, MI 48226. Doors open at 9pm, show time 10:30pm. $5 before 10:30pm, $10 after. Hosted by Mista White, Sounds by DJ Jewels Baby.

I started off local, mindset global, won't be happy 'til I own some land in Acapulco." ~Tye Nitty



For more info: Contact Lilmissdottie or on Facebook at


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