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What they're saying about 'The Biggest Loser' Episode 3's drama queens Migdalia and Melissa

Pictured: (l-r) Migdalia, Bob Harper
Pictured: (l-r) Migdalia, Bob Harper
NBC Photo: Trae Patton

If The Biggest Loser awarded tiaras to the week's biggest drama queens, then Episode 3's top contenders would be Migdalia and Melissa.

Migdalia, who was Jillian's pet project this week, refused to break down even as Jillian taunted and challenged her to open up and confront her issues. The moments between them were so tense and ugly they made it to AOL's daily TV Top 5!

Melissa, who lost only a pound this week, was slammed by both Bob and Jillian for not being honest about throwing the weigh-in and playing the game. As the Baltimore Sun's Reality Check blog described it, "The two trainers jumped on the husband and wife team like a bear on honey."

If the old wives' tale about your ears ringing when somebody talks about you also holds true for the buzz on the internet, both Migdalia and Melissa are probably going deaf this week.

It's easy to slam someone if you have no relationship to them and no vested interest in them. But what if they've come from your neck of the woods? What are the folks back home saying about the two women in their hometown newspapers?

Migdalia, who lives in Sanford, NC, got a pass from the Raleigh New Observer website, which acknowledged "Migdalia's big chip" but refused to judge her as harshly as the rest of the blogosphere.

Melissa, who's from Aspermont, TX, midway between Lubbock and Dallas-Fort Worth, doesn't appear to be getting any love from either hometown newspaper. As of this post, no mentions of her have turned up.


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