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What in the world happened to ABC?

As a Christian, I have been so disappointed with the downhill slide in "regular" television news and programming, that I quit watching altogether in order to focus on my business, knowing the internet would provide more than enough insight into current events, plus I could always relax in the evening with video rentals from Blockbuster or by streaming Netflix.

Less than a week ago we decided to get the Dish Network and yesterday I thought I would play catch up with the world by reading an article from the Associated Press entitled "Nielsen's top programs for June 24-30." As you may have already guessed, the results floored me.

I had no idea that CBS was totally dominating major network programing. And I don't just mean coming out on top with the #1 show for the week (a new drama called "Under The Dome" with 13.53 Million viewers), but completely slamma-jamma-embarrasing NBC, ABC, and Fox with 12 of the top 20 TV shows.

Now, Fox was to be expected, but ABC wasn't second or third, it was in fourth place. It only had one show in the top 20. ("The Bachelorette," #9, 6.56M viewers) Fox had three shows in the top 20 ("Master Chef," #12, 6.21M; another "Master Chef," #19, 5.57M; and "Hell's Kitchen," #20, 5.54M)

The Food Network was always a favorite in our home; however, with their recent over-the-top reaction to Paula Deen, we may instead check out "Master Chef" when time allows. We'll leave Hell's Kitchen alone.

But what in the world happened to ABC? Owned and operated by Walt "We've got so stinkin' much cartoon money that we can buy out the entire Star Wars franchise" Disney. Can they not afford to hire decent television writers? or producers? or actors? Are they over-confident? Unrealistic? Out of touch? Wanting to fail?

Does ABC offer good wholesome television programming that the world rejects, or have they upset, offended, or disappointed so many people that a sizable percentage of their audience has left them behind?

Whatever the case may be, it is sad to see ABC represent 1/4 of the ratings with a 1/20 showing. Faith-based viewers such as myself can only hope that ABC will make a move similar to NBC (currently in 2nd place and gunning for first) who announced plans to work with Mark Burnett on a sequel to his miniseries The Bible.


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