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What the research says: It takes two to talk

Take a close look at the results of It Takes Two to Talk
Take a close look at the results of It Takes Two to Talk

It Takes Two to Talk (ITTT) is a highly researched early language intervention program. ITTT is evidenced-based and consistent with best practice in terms of utilization of naturalistic contexts and a family-centered approach.

ITTT empowers parents to build on their existing strengths and acquire new skills. The program is supported by user-friendly resources that can be implemented with families of young children, who are language delayed.

Philosophically, ITTT reflects a family-centered model of intervention, recognizing the child as part of a dynamic social system and the family as the most important element in a child’s life.

Theoretically, ITTT views the development of communicative competence within a framework of early caregiver child interactions. This perspective views language acquisition as an interactive process in which the communicative behavior of the parent influences the behavior of the child and vice versa.

Basically, the program relies on the parents use of responsive language with their child. This will, in theory, motivate the child to interact and learn to communicate. Here are three responsive interaction strategies:

Responsive Interaction Strategies

1. Child-oriented behaviors are designed to encourage the child to initiate interaction, thereby fostering frequent episodes of joint interaction around the child’s interests — strategies include Observe, Wait and Listen; Get Face to Face; Follow the Child’s Lead.

2. Interaction-promoting strategies are designed to foster balanced turn-taking between caregivers and children — strategies include Match Your Turns to Your Child’s Turns; Cue your Child to Take a Turn; Ask Questions that Keep the Conversation Going.

3. Language-modeling strategies are designed to expand children’s receptive and expressive language skills — strategies include Interpret; Highlight Your Language; Expand on What the Child Says; Extend the Topic.

Download the complete It Takes Two To Talk Research Summary 

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