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What the next president inherits from Barack Obama

What difference does it make, bro?
What difference does it make, bro?
Nate Beeler, Political Cartoonist

Has anyone seen the gradual appearance of the "I'm Ready for Hillary" bumper stickers. This serves as reasonable evidence that the left flank is in a state of political fatigue - exhausted from defending the indefensible policies and personal arrogance of their purported savior Barack Obama. The executive has a full two and a half years left before the next presidency is decided, but the only thing that he has saved has been a dismal ongoing political resume, and, to a significant degree, a troubling secrecy in the way in which the American people have been watched and misled under his administration.

Sensible Democrats (as opposed to the shrill, intolerant liberals lacquered in coats of denial) are moving on. In an attempt to disclaim their own complicity in the worst presidency ever, the sooner they do it the better. That Obama is no match for the rigors and responsibilities that come with the office is not necessarily unique in American history. The fact that he has lost the public trust, and to such a damning degree, is a condemnation of the personal character of a man who would change Washington and unite the country.

In truth, the United States has never been more polarized. Imagine, with his own race card rhetoric, the first black president divides a country that had moved beyond its history of racial discrimination - electing him, twice. And the preening media marches right in step with its unsubstantiated amens fueling this newly resurrected social malignancy every day.

That is unfortunate, because this president could have been something. But instead of taking advantage of the trifecta he inherited (Senate and House majority) and becoming the leader that would address the important things to which he was entrusted by and for all Americans, he decided that history should simply sit back, observe, and bask in the significance of the first black president in residence at the White House. That posturing is exactly what killed the significance of the event.

And to their discredit, his party swallowed the hook, and the main stream news outlets immediately began ranking him among the best presidents of all time based on pigment rather than performance. That was then, and this is now. It is absolute fact that the blatant atrocities that Obama has carried out are, by the very words of his twice taken oath of office, impeachable offenses, even if brought to bear before a panel as innocently objective as a second grade class.

Defending the Constitution and enforcing the laws of the land does not allow a president to time after time alter or delay signature legislation such as the Affordable Care Act in order to appease special interests or provide political insulation for Senate democrats facing voters that really weren't kidding about their opposition to force-fed government run healthcare.

It does not allow an administration to stonewall, with a secret offshoot within the Internal Revenue Service, political non-profit applications and to unfairly audit individuals or entities whose interests run contrary to that of the sitting president.

It does not make the White House judge, jury and executioner of American citizens abroad without due process, even if engaged in alleged terrorism.

And it certainly doesn't give a secretive inner circle of the executive branch the right to lie for two years - obstructing testimony and document release - regarding a bloody and fatal terrorist event that should have been prevented or, at worst, given the semblance of appropriate military response by an opportunistic fundraiser-in-chief and his self righteous Secretary of State howling at the moon before a congressional panel as to what difference at this point does it possibly make.

Is there a successor who is up to the task of dealing with the unraveling world of the once annointed Barack Obama? That remains to be seen. But, in the wake of a monumental free fall in our nation's foreign policy after his two terms - and her starring role in most of it - is anyone really ready for Hillary?

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