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What the long-term unemployed need to do right now

Your industry folded, or your company merged, or your position was outsourced. Whatever the reason was, if you are a Phoenician who has been unemployed for more than 6 months, you need to take an evaluation of why you aren’t moving forward in your job search. It isn’t easy to determine that you may need to learn new skills, take a U-turn in your career path, or need to identify what skills you have that are relevant to the industries that are growing in the next five to ten years. Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers are going to have the greatest challenges in realizing what they need to do, but also may be the most competitive candidates in moving forward.

  • Why were you hired in your first job? If you are a tenured worker, you were hired in the 80’s or 90’s because you had specialized skills, a specialized certification/degree, or had previous practical experience in that skill area. Don’t forget that reasoning. Jay Leno may have retired but Dave is still around and Jimmy Kimmel and Fallon are adapting to engage our generations.
  • How have you challenged yourself to grow? You’ve been productive and now the company wants new behaviors, new goals etc. You can’t just ‘opt out’ unless you are prepared to leave. Consider the position of someone coming into the organization 20 years ago (when you were…). Would you be ok with someone just ‘showing up’? Wouldn’t you want everyone to try and be the best employee that they can be and look for ways to make the company better to their external and internal customers? While you have been unemployed, what activities have you done to build skills that you didn’t have before or ones that were weaker?
  • Become technologically aware. Tenured Phoenicians don’t need to know everything about every app, upgrade, etc. that a company may have. There is an expectation in the current workplace that each employee will learn whatever technology is necessary for the company to be productive, and also to embrace the latest ways to interact internally and externally with customers.
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