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What the L is going on?

Have you seen the latest Staples ad? If so you are probably wondering “What the L is going on?” Maybe you are simply wondering where the L has gone. Staples has removed the L from their name on their website as well as their cover photo on their Facebook page. The L has also reportedly gone missing from the original Staples store in Brighton, MA.
In the latest Staples advertisement on television, they bring up how Staples has everything you or your business needs. Staples can get it for you, they can make your great ideas come to life, they just cannot create the ideas for you.
The best advertisements for the rebranding of Staples are on ESPN as well as the Staples Facebook page. The LA Kings team up with Staples for a commercial at the Staples Center, or should we say The Stap es Center. There is also a short advertisement for Ralph (or Ra ph) who works at the Staples Center where he is a maintenance worker and when he sees the missing L he says that he is not going to fix that.
Staples was known for their previous slogan, “Staples, that was Easy.” They even sold those red easy buttons in stores and online. But Staples is rebranding to get the word out to customers that they no longer sell just staples and office supplies. They sell an enormous amount of products. If they do not have it in your local location they will order it for you in store. Shipping is usually 2-3 business days on most products and is free shipping to Staples Rewards Members.
Staples new slogan will soon be well-known. Once people understand “What the L is going on,” they will know that Staples is the place where they “make it easy to make more happen.” This, at least, is what their Facebook page suggests.

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