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What the "I have a dream speech" should mean for blacks

Martin Luther King should be honored by what we do
Martin Luther King should be honored by what we do

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream, and yes it's true that progress has been made since the infamous speech. However, there are a number of African Americans that haven't realized that they are "free-at-last".

There are those who are still trapped in the mentality of slave. The only shackles that have been removed are the ones that are taken off during a penitentiary entry. Black men are still speaking as though they don't have the right to an education. They circum to stereotypes by keeping their pants as low as their standards and their self-worth.

So, although we are "free-at-last", are we as blacks really free? Excuses are the thoughts and words that continue to hold black people from success as using the "man" as a crutch to validate failures becomes the norm.

The "I have a dream speech" means that African Americans should look up, hold their heads to the sky with confidence while realizing our ancestors won the freedom struggle so that we would have the same rights as whites.

It is for this reason that black men should not fall into the coffin of statistics. They should hold their children up to high standards while showing them honorable examples; through hard work, education and violence free environments.

Black women should respect themselves while honoring the young women and men in their lives that may be the future leaders of the world, their husbands, sons and daughters. They should stop living for what they can get for free--but start living as though they are.

Black men and women, we are free from poverty, free from violence, and free from being tormented by a ship surrounded by excuses for why we are not. Let's be free from the thoughts and the mentality that will continue to bring generations down like a game of dominoes in the ghetto. Let's live up to the expectations of our fore fathers--that's what being free-at-last really means.

by Tash Casso

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