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What the heck is radical unschooling anyway?

What is radical unschooling?
Radical unschooling has been in the news a lot lately from the Parent family's appearance on Discovery Health to the Yablonski Beigler family's Good Morning America segment, on various blog talk radio shows, in print such as Dayna Martin's book "Radical Unschooling A Revolution Has Begun", as well as on the numerous web sites, blogs, and podcasts devoted to unschooling. Interchangeable terms include radical unschoolers, whole life unschoolers or open source learners. Many misconceptions have surfaced about exactly what radical unschooling is. It is not unparenting. Radical unschooling parents are very involved with their children's lives. They partner with their children in respectful, equal relationships. There are no hierarchies in radical unschooling homes. Not all unschoolers are whole life unschoolers. In families living the radical unschooling life style there is no set bed time, no arbitrary rules, no limits set on food or media. There is however, a great deal of trust, respect and partnering with each other as equals. Some people come to the radical unschooling life style after spending time within the main stream parenting paradigm, others come to it as a result of more natural birth choices. Regardless of why they make this choice, more and more people are stepping away from mainstream lifestyles and choose whole life unschooling.  For help with unschooling in the Manchester, NH area contact the local radical unschooling group.

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