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What the dog sees

What the dog sees
What the dog sees
Anna Ranieri

People with power often don’t feel powerful because they define being powerful as have earthly or material wealth and riches. What the dog sees is more beneficial possibilities in life because he is not hindered by a mind and experience.

The dog lives simply To help other humans including the self to evolve. Even the dog evolves. The connection to source, songs in the key of life, sacred areas.

And the dog is not crazy May love influence everything. Universal love focus. The most spiritual place the dog has ever visited, the soul. Deeply in and out of dog’s existing body, the soul, the unseen partner needs a witness to the beauty.

Dog does not seek enlightenment but lives it The strength comes not in reading labels, or knowing from where his food and manna comes from, it’s a question of knowing when to stop. Dog is the weight he is supposed to be. Dog is not a problem he is happy. To grow the mind is not a highway what he is, is an example. Dog is connect universally to the One.

To promise to care about everything Your life does not go unnoticed to the dog. Dog is more mindful and even knows better than you what is good for you at the exact moment. Ninety-percent of it is just showing up. Dog is magical always staying on the bridge between the visible and the invisible. Dog is true to himself and spirit, confident and can make you smile.

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