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What the couple in the psychiatric unit teach about job searches

What the couple in the psychiatric unit teach about job searches
What the couple in the psychiatric unit teach about job searches
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After more than five decades of marriage John and Mary had seen their mental capabilities diminish with their age. However their love for each other remained strong - even in the confines of the psychiatric unit.

One day they were walking outside near the therapy pool when Mary slipped into the deep end and quickly sank to the bottom. John’s love for Mary triggered a response that put his own safety at risk. He jumped into the pool and pulled Mary out to safety.

The next morning John was awakened from bed and taken immediately to the administrator’s office. The urgency was due to an unfortunate situation that had occurred the night before. It seems Mary’s fall in the pool may have been an attempted suicide because she had been found by nurses overnight in the bathtub where she had hung herself on the shower nozzle.

Knowing the deep love the couple had for each other the administrator struggled with the words to use.

“John, your heroic efforts to save your wife’s life yesterday has caused a review board to determine that you are now well enough to be released,” the administrator said.

“That’s great,” said John. “I must get back to our room and tell Mary.”

This is not the end of the story because John had one other thing to say that caused the administrator to cancel all release plans.

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“She is in the bathroom, after the fall of the pool I hung her up to dry,” said John.

In a job search it is important to be able to illustrate accomplishments in several ways. For a good interview the job seeker should have three to six stories ready to tell the recruiter about their successes.


Because the recruiter may have the wrong idea based on one story. Just as the administrator thought John was a hero until John said his last line the recruiter may get the wrong idea from your selected success story. The second success story could be just the trick you need to change the outcome of the interview.

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