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What the Biotech Surge Means for Technology and Automation Companies in SoCal

Automated processes in the biotech industry
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A recent article in the San Diego Business Journal notes that several San Diego biotech companies have recently received major investments in a variety of interesting drug development and research projects.

San Diego has worked hard to establish itself as a hub for major scientific and technological companies and as a result, many interesting biotech and pharmaceutical companies have chosen San Diego as their home base. Notables in the area include Illumina, which has been making international headlines since their announcement that they had developed a way to sequence an entire human genome for under $1,000.

In similar news, in a recent article U-T San Diego demonstrated that market value for several San Diego biotechs has increased rapidly in the past year, particularly for companies like Illumina that have been gaining press coverage.

As of 2013, San Diego was the second biggest hub for biotechnology in America with over 400 biotech companies located in the region. It makes a lot of sense that innovative biotechs would be interested in setting up shop in San Diego. The biotechnology industry overlaps with many other fields of science and engineering, and because there is such a great emphasis on science and technology in the economy of San Diego, it makes a lot of sense for those in the biotech industry to do business here for easy access to professionals and resources in other fields.

One important area of industry overlap is between the biotech and automation industries in San Diego. Because the biotech industry has such high requirements in safety and quality control, automation is very appropriate in many areas of production and assembly for biotech products and materials.

As the San Diego biotech industry grows still more robust, we are excited at Automation GT to discover what this will mean for the automation industry, especially for those of us who are particularly interested in automation for biotech processes.

The automation industry in America is also going through a period of excellent and healthy growth with predictions of high market value increases in the coming years. This means that as the industry grows, there will likely be improvements in the technology that is specifically available to customers in the biotech industry.

And as many of our area biotechs grow, they will continue to develop the budgets, the capacity, and the market demand that necessitate automating a greater amount of processes. And with automated options getting ever more affordable and more efficient, the meeting of the two industries will make room for continued advancement in the biotech industry. As biotechs save money and time on automated machinery, they can reapply that money and time towards new research.

Rachel Greenberg writes for Automation GT, a manufacturer of custom automated machines in Carlsbad, CA with an impressive portfolio in automation for biotechnology companies.

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