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What that Valentine's day gift really means

What message does your Valentine's day gift send?
What message does your Valentine's day gift send?
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Valentine’s day is around the corner and if you haven’t already bought a gift, chances are that you’re wrestling with exactly what to get. Before you buy, take some time to learn about the secret meaning of gifts. Nothing in love is that simple, and a rose isn’t ever just a rose.

New relationship gifts

If you are in a new relationship, don’t go crazy on a Valentine’s day gift. Mary E., a local school teacher, once received a dozen blood red roses and a bottle of expensive perfume from a man she dated only twice. She thought that, “It was creepy and felt a bit obsessive.” Especially since their dates were more friendly than romantic.

So, don’t scare off that new love by going overboard. A nice dinner and a movie, a spring bouquet of flowers and a low-key card is your best bet at this phase.

For a nice surprise dinner take your date to one of the many great local restaurants, such as Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steakhouse. Check them out:

Just rounded first base gifts

If things are starting to go somewhere, it’s okay to rev up the Valentine’s day gift  a bit. Avoid gifts that are too personal or intimate, like sexually themed items or weekend getaways. It is too soon for that kind of stuff, and you’ll send the wrong message. Instead, opt for things that invite you and your new squeeze to get to know each other better.

A box of chocolates, a c.d or book and a nice dinner or a surprise picnic are great options. Flowers are nice, just pay attention to colors. Lavender means “I’m falling in love” and orange means “ desire.”

Casa De Flores Flower shop is a locally owned florist that can help you send the right message to your new love:

Hot and heavy gifts

If your relationship has taken the ‘next step’ you’re exploring intimacy, it’s okay to send a more personal gift. Just make sure your gift matches your intentions; Are you interested in a relationship or are you just having fun? Before you buy a gift, consider what you’re wanting from the relationship.

If you aren’t interested in a long term relationship, avoid ‘relationship’ type gifts like watches and jewelry. Instead, go for a weekend getaway, lingerie or sexually themed gift. A nice dinner and flowers will also work at this stage.

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