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What supplies do all preppers need for disaster preparation?

A small, battery operated radio like this can be a life saver.
A small, battery operated radio like this can be a life saver.
Dan Vale

Although there is no limit to what supplies would be helpful to preppers and their family members during a disaster, there is an absolute minimum of supplies needed. This is true whether the prepper and his family members live in a city apartment, a suburban house, or a country ranch. This article will discuss these supplies and why they are critical for disaster survival.

During a disaster, water might not be available to homes. Thus, preppers need to have either stored water or a way to get and purify water. We can live only three days without water, and water also may be required for body washing, and for flushing of toilets.

If a power blackout causes refrigerated food to spoil, preppers will need a manual can opener and cans of food. Canned food will not require the cooking that might not be convenient or possible.

Disposable paper plates and plastic utensils will help to quarantine any infectious problems of family members. Such tableware also will help to conserve water which then will not be needed for washing dishes.

First aid kits will be critical both for the preppers’ homes and cars. There always should be at least two thermometers in these kits to assure that each is showing accurate temperature readings. It also will be necessary for preppers know how to effectively use what is in their first aid kits.

Fire extinguishers will be required both for preppers’ homes and cars. All prepper family members should have experience using a fire extinguisher.

All preppers need to have flashlights or battery operated lanterns. Preppers also should have a plentiful stockpile of battery types that are of the correct sizes.

All preppers need to have a portable, battery operated radio to stay in touch with what is happening in their geographic area. In case of the need to bug out, such a battery operated radio should be small enough to fit easily into the bug out bag.

Preppers should have a cell phone and should know how to text. Texts can often get through when other cell phone communications are jammed.

Large trash bags are necessary because trash collection may be interrupted for a while. Also sewer systems might not be working, and trash bags might be necessary to collect human waste.

Preppers should always have about $1,000.00 in cash on hand. They will need this cash if a power blackout makes credit cards temporarily unusable.

What other critical prepper supplies would you stock for you and your family members?

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