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What studies show about Antidepressants can be very contradictory

What contradicts the study by professional doctors revealing the severe effects from antidepressants is that of a person who may inquire treatment for the illness and be left with controversial decisions, especially those that would lead he or she to encounter major harm to his or her mental or physical state of being when treated for depression. The best way to enunciate the nonfactual truths about antidepressants is to be conclusive when seeking professional medical treatment for any illness.

A patient who is known to be depressed should seek the best possible ways to treat his or her illness before it becomes unbearable for them to experience living out a normal life. Though, the flip-side of an individual who does find that treating the illness is the only way to avoid the uncomfortable challenges of the side effects when medicated with treatment should definitely weigh in the factors of side effects that may be incurred due to being administered the medication. Nonetheless, according to the study, another possible entity toward treating depression without taking antidepressants would be to effectively utilize a therapeutic form of treatment (therapy), in which in some cases have been allocated to benefit a patient's mental or physical health.  (Source,GMA, Good Morning America, abcnews)

In this study, an analysis showed within the evaluation that if a patient who is being treated with the drug (antidepressants) or the drug (placebo) for his or her depression could benefit depending on the mild to severe levels of the patient. In other words, the study show variations, but little to hardly any difference in either of the drugs being administered. On the other hand, any case of depression not treated can pose harmful distractions for the patient and hinder his or her lifestyles because of the distinct mood changes of the sufferer. Moreover, the drug (antidepressants) that treats a patient with this type of illness can cause long-term side effects to his or her physical and mental capacities.

There has been studies that show if a person is taking antidepressants stop his or her medication suddenly without seeking a doctor for advice regarding their treatment could become suicidal or thoughts of suicide, and not to mention the effects this same drug is said to cause harm to the patient's kidneys. If you have signs of any type of mental or physical illnesses, please be advised to seek professional medical treatment from a professional medical physician.  

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  • Shamika 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this article with me. It gave me good insight on how antidepressants can help or affect your body if indeed used to treat your illness. When taking drugs we must always remember that "each drug has a side effect" make sure you use that drug accordingly....knowing all the facts before usage is the golden rule...

  • Charlene Collins - Atlanta Family Health Examiner 5 years ago

    Very interesting article. You are right about antidepressants. They can have many untoward side effects. I take Wellbutrin, which is the best that i have ever taken. Others have left me unable to sleep, and some have given me bad thoughts. I'm very leery about taking medications for anything.

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