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What statement does your jewelry make?

What statement does your jewelry make? Statement jewelry is very fashionable and frequently worn. Generally it refers to a multi-strand beaded or faux stone necklace, perhaps a bib style or heavy braided or twisted piece. Wearing statement pieces tells others that you enjoy fashion, like being on-trend, and take pride in your appearance.

 Walmart engraved flowers heart locket $9.99

Other jewelry, while not referred to as statement pieces, tell a great deal about you. Consider diamonds. Diamond earrings, cubic Zirconia or faux diamond earrings are difficult to tell apart from the real thing. Often, only close inspection by an experiences jeweler can determine carat, cut and clarity.

On a woman known to be a single working mother, it’s probably safe to assume that they are not the real thing. Yet, even the rich and famous often keep their real diamonds in safes, choosing to wear inexpensive copies for parties and public appearances. A hundred thousand dollar solitaire, a fifteen dollar pendant, and a pair of one dollar studs are generally difficult to tell apart.

The video will show you how to tell real diamonds from fake.

Any jewelry that shows elastic or plastic is very inexpensive. A popular bracelet trend for teens is made by joining tiny rubber bands. While cute and bright, it tells everyone that you probably spent more time connecting the bands than you did dollars.

Any jewelry using string in place of chain link is surely not very expensive. String bracelets and necklaces are popular, easy to afford, and often colorful and on-trend. They can be spotted in most department stores for less than twenty dollars.

Elasticized beaded bracelets are rarely expensive. Trendy, bright and popular, they are often the perfect accessory for your outfit, but generally cost less than twenty dollars or so.

Some plastic jewelry is very well crafted, while other pieces are not. If you are wearing faux stone necklaces and bracelets, others will almost surely notice that it is not real. Plastic lacks the weight, luster and refracting quality of real stone.

Whenever the term ‘faux’ is used, it’s surely not real. Faux diamonds are often cubic Zirconis or glass, faux pearls are probably plastic, and faux gems colored glass. Faux jewelry can be worn with style and flair. The better quality pieces may even deceive others and appear real, especially if they are relatively small and unobtrusive pieces.

Where does this information leave the thrifty fashion shopper? It makes us more aware of what our jewelry is telling others. It gives us new ideas to save on stylish pieces that will not appear tacky and tasteless. It makes us confident wearing an engraved flowers heart locket purchased for $9.99 at Walmart.

ximize your style and minimize your spending~

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