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What sort of beer drinker are you?


woman enjoying a beerWriting this column has introduced me to three different types of beer drinkers: those who love it, those who count it and the snobs.

When I tell people I write about beer, I’m usually asked one of three questions.

  • What’s your favorite beer?
  • How many different beers have you tried?
  • What’s the best, or most unique, beer you’ve ever had?

The folks who ask about my favorite beer are the lovers. They want to know the one or two beers I can always drink, the ones that bring me the most joy. These are beer drinkers who imbibe for the sheer joy of the brew.

Sometimes, however, I’m asked how many different beers I’ve tried over the years. These people drink beer as if it’s a competition. They enjoy racking up the numbers, trying more beverages than their friends and acquaintances, being the beer drinker with the biggest collection of cans, so to speak.

Finally, I encounter the few individuals who want to know the best beer I’ve ever tried. They don’t what to know best as in the beer I think is best for me. They want to know the most unique, the highest in alcohol, the most exotic. These folks are the beer snobs. Beer to them is not about flavor, taste or feel. It’s not about how much you enjoy it. It’s about collecting “the trophy.”

So why do you drink beer? Are you a snob or a counter? Or do you drink beer for what it is: a beverage brewed to be enjoyed.

Choose the beer you enjoy. And have a nice day.


  • Kim De 4 years ago


    I would be the one asking you about your favorite beer!

    Beer snob all the way! :D

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    This an extremely judgmental article is full of generalizations and anecdotes. Very poor beer journalism here. A good beer enthusiast does not stereotype or judge other beer drinkers.

  • Profile picture of Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 4 years ago

    I have to agree with the comment above. She is stereotyping people who approach craft beer differently as people who do not understand or enjoy beer. Would you call Michael Jackson (aka the Beer Hunter) a counter who does not enjoy beer and sees it only as a competition? Could she possibly consider the fact that these so called "counters" enjoy the hobby and seek to discover new and exciting beers? Is someone who tries new restaurants in different cities a food counter who does not enjoy food?

    The only snobbery I sense is from the author of this TERRIBLE article. Beer writers don't alienate and cast false judgments on their audience. Yet I find it funny that she is a "craft beer examiner", yet only has one or two beers that bring her joy. I guess that gives her the authority to categorize and judge other beer drinkers, who can probably don't need google to write articles on craft beer.

  • TJ55 4 years ago

    Panties in a wad much commenters? Jeez, lighten up folks, RDWHHB

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