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What smells so good? Ew! I won't eat that!

Surely you jest, no one says that do they? Actually, children may not say it but they sure do think it. A typical example of this is when a good pot of vegetable soup is on the stove. The smells permeate around the house and usually illicit a positive response to those who are receiving it. Then the question comes, "whats for dinner?" as they lift the lid and see a multitude of vegetables that the viewer clearly knows they don't eat. Hence the second part of the headline.

Once the sight of those vegetables hits the eyes, it overpowers the taste buds and the viewer clearly rejects the idea that they thought something was good. An easy fix to this particular problem is to puree the soup before anyone has a chance to find out what secrets you put into it. A pureed soup stands a greater chance of a taste tester than a chunky soup. In order to puree the soup an immersion blender is the easiest thing to use.

If the viewer tastes it and decides that they like it, have them add a little cheese on the top to add the protein in and make it a more complete meal. Sometimes the taster will be surprised that they like what they smell. Do not try and hide dark vegetables like spinach in a soup because that will turn the soup green and will most likely turn a person off of eating it.

Do not overuse this idea, however, or it can backfire on you. If your picky eater is all of a sudden introduced to a plethora of pureed foods they will get suspicious and decide not to eat even the foods they have already shown interest in.

Some electric mixers, such as Kitchen Aide, have meat grinder attachments to them. If you have this attachment you can make good use of it by taking some fresh meats and adding in some leftover meats no one will eat, than add in a few vegetables as well. Now that you have this ground together, mix it thoroughly with a mixing spoon and add in enough duck sauce or barbecue sauce to make it wet, not saucy.

So, now that you have this mixture what are you going to do with it? There are a couple of quick things you can do. The easiest and quickest thing to do is fill eggroll wraps and either fry them or bake them.

If you have more time on your hands and would like to get a little more creative - here is another way to use this meat mixture; for each pound of mixture add in two eggs and a quarter cup of bread crumbs or broken up saltines.To add a little more umph to this, dip each patty into egg and then breadcrumbs before pan frying.

Each of the above suggestions can be helpful to you in order to get help get your picky eater to eat more vegetables or just eat a bigger variety of foods. Try one or both of them and let this writer know if it works for you. Enjoy and happy cooking.

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