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What Should Your Marketing Plan Be for 2014?

Even though our seasonal time is circular, we have designated a "beginning" and an "end" to our years. A bonus to doing so is that every January 1st, we get a fresh start! A blank slate! A book with blank pages awaiting our dictation. But with this new beginning comes a lot of pressure to make the most of it, and execute a more successful plan than we executed last year.

So when it comes to marketing your business, how can you really make a solid plan for 2014?

First, you need to review what you did in 2013. What were your company's goals at the beginning of the year? What did you do to achieve those goals? Do you feel you were successful? Were you successful in other areas? What was your biggest obstacle in marketing/sales?

When you can get a realistic and clear picture of what your business did last year, you can really understand better where you need to start in 2014.

Did you work with a marketing firm last year? Do you think they were there with you in both the good times and the bad? Did they foresee your obstacles for you and were they there when you needed them? Or did you feel that their lack of service held you back? If you see your marketing department as a team, make sure you have all your "starters" in place, and you may feel your team could benefit from recruiting a few new players.

Make sure your marketing team all has the same picture of what 2013 looked like from a marketing perspective and all agree on the marketing and sales goals for 2014. Delegate the tasks that are high priority, and make sure your objectives are clear and measurable. Never be afraid to think outside the box or to look outside for assistance!

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