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What should you give on Valentine's Day: Chocolates or flowers?

Favorite Valentine's Day Gift: Chocolate or Flowers
Favorite Valentine's Day Gift: Chocolate or Flowers

According to the Washington Business Journal on Jan. 31, there is a debate between chocolates and flowers as a favorite on Valentine's Day.

The National Confectioners Association in Washington put out a news release last week saying Americans overwhelmingly prefer chocolate instead of flowers on Valentine's Day, 69 to 31 percent.

Susan Whiteside, vice president of communications of the NCA, said:

"There is no question that sweet treats have a special place in everyone's heart this holiday season."

Jennifer Sparks, vice president of marketing at the Society of American Florists in Alexandria, said:

"The floral industry does not disparage against others, but prefers that flowers stand on their own merits."

Unsurprisingly, both chocolate and flowers boast some impressive numbers on Valentine's Day.

Total U.S. confectionery sales for Valentine's Day 2014 are projected to be $1.057 billion, a 1.9 percent increase over last year. Chocolate will make up about 75 percent of candy sales on Valentine's Day. The favorite form of chocolate on Valentine's Day is with caramel, followed by chocolate-covered nuts, cream-filled and chocolate-filled.

As for flowers, the SAF says more than 233 million roses are produced for the Valentine's Day holiday, and it is the busiest day of the year for florists.

If you're not sure if chocolate or flowers is the right choice to give your sweetheart this year, Sparks wants you to know she has science on her side. She says, "Flowers are scientifically proven to make people happy and improve our emotional health."

Here is something to consider if you are in doubts about what to give.

Since the time of the Aztecs, it has been reported that chocolate has been thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Chocolate contains both phenylethylamine and serotonin, which are known mood enhancers and stimulants. It also contains anandamide, a substance said to have the same effects on the brain as the THC in marijuana, which produces a sense of euphoria similar to the sensations we experience during sex or when we are in love.

If you are still in doubt about which your mate will prefer, why not give both?

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