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What Should We Do About the Abilene State Supported Living Center Illegally Buying Cream Puffs??

three cream puffs
three cream puffs
delicious cream puffs

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Updated 4/27/2010

The victim says, “You stole my cream puffs!” The “thief” says,” But I gave them away to the people who take care of the people as a reward to bring a smile to their face.” The victim says,"I don’t care those cream puffs are mine and now you have to pay!"

We need order in every business. God teaches us this by holding the world in order because He is a God of order. We need to hold guilty parties accountable. God is a just God.

Do we need to persecute the state supported living center management for trying to bring happiness to the people that take care of the people the world has forgotten about? Absolutely not! Slap them on the wrist and then send the people their own cream puffs for crying out loud!

We are to forgive others and hope they repent. If they continue to take from what is not theirs then they have chosen to be partakers of sin. Then a just sentence is due. The information gathered cannot prove they wanted to do anything but reward the workers who should be rewarded.

The best way to fight evil is with good. Correct them and ask for nothing in return. The harm is done. Most likely, they are humiliated. Humiliation has a strength that urges behavior to change.

Reward incentive programs are able to grow unity and performance. Why many companies have chosen to forget about this “giving rule” (give and it shall be given to you , pressed down, poured over and shaken shall another give to you…) is because of money.

Holding money instead of giving it is caused by fear. Giving requires faith. Forgiving requires love. Turning the cheek requires experience. Turn the other cheek, please. God bless you.



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