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What Should Thanksgiving Really Be About?

So nothing is basically wrong with family and friends getting together for a Thanksgiving meal and sharing a few laughs.  In fact, that is so healthy.

But I'm afraid Thanksgiving has become another symbol of our Western individualism: My family and I and a few close friends. 

But the poor among us. The homeless. The orphans.  The downtrodden.  These people are overlooked and neglected.

Where's the Christian conscience, a conscience that has been renewed and shaped by the words and life of Jesus Christ?  I'm afraid such conscience is a rarity.   How sad.

Let me suggest the ideal Thanksgiving: we ask God to create opportunities for us to minister his love to the poor, homeless, and neglected among us, give him thanks for these opporunities, gather our families and friends together and actually do something.

We can add significance to Thanksgiving.  It doesn't have to go to waste like so many leftover food.