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What should professors do with college cheaters?

Students who cheat risk more than failing, but suspension and scholarship losses.
Students who cheat risk more than failing, but suspension and scholarship losses.

The college classroom is an academic environment and one reason college professors are so incredibly stuffy, or intelligent hulks as one student put it, is that they really aren't interested in anything unless it's intellectually stimulating. College professors find cheating and plagiarized papers incredibly uninteresting.

Cheerleaders are not intellectually stimulating, basketball, football, rugby and lacrosse players aren't either. Musicans, stoners with attitudes, bullies, and nerds make no impression either. These groups should especially refrain from cheating and plagiarizing papers.

Books, theories, indie flicks, and innovative ideas are just about all the average college professor is interested in.

There's no rhyme or reason for it. But it's a pretty good chance that the reason an academic is an academic because customer service isn't the color of the typical college professor's rainbow. Neither teachers nor customer service reps have an obligation to cater to cheaters.

Whoa to the student who fails to realize his or her college professor isn't a Bank of America customer service rep. Those students make silly, potentially academically, thus life altering mistakes, particularly if they've submitted plagiarized work to a college professors who has lost his or sense of humor about collegiate experiences.

I remember watching a young undergrad getting chewed out by a professor for plagiarizing several lines from a book. I mean this kid got yelled at, owned like her college professor was her mom and grandmom all at the same time.

People who work hard hate, yes hate, slackers. Because college professors, particulary in the humanities where writing and sharing ideas are fundamental, are only interested in intellectual ideas, academic dishonesty like plagiarism isn't tolerable.

It shocks me that students plagiarize papers today. Plagiarizing papers demonstrates a profound, almost unforgivable ignorance and stupidity about 21st centruy technology. It's an ignorant pity that students who plagiarize don't understand, or at the very least, refuse to acknowledge the power of search engines.

Hello, Google?

I mean holy stupidity Batman.

Every piece of work, art, words, ideas published on the internet is locked in cyberspace and available for retrieval damn near almost forever. It's stupid for students to plagiarize. It's says a lot about what they think of themselves (I'm really not that smart, therefore I can't and won't try.)

Furthermore, students who plagiarize are shouting loud and clear: I have a stupid professor. I can lie to her or him and get away with it.

Not every student recovers successfully from plagiarism incidents. Some will fail a paper, others will fail a course, others will face expulsion.

A good remainder will be forever shamed, humiliated and combative because they've been outed.

And that's too bad because life is funny and at worst life is really unfair. Not every student who cheats receives the same penalty. It's unfortunate that anyone would risk altering a life path with an act as unnecessary and petty as plagiarism.

It's easier to go think about an assignment, take the time to do it, and turn it in late if necessary, rather than cheat.

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