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What 'should' be in 'WWE 2K15'

With many of the gameplay features and extra characters unannounced, it's anyone's guess what you'll see and be able to do in "WWE 2K15."

What should be in 'WWE 2K15'
2K Games

Simply put, yesterday's news of the Hulkamania collector's edition and Monday's story mode reveal have increased the pre-release fervor to a fever pitch.

With that, here are some more things that we'd love to see be in the next WWE game once it's released.

Skywalker Matches: Some of those old scaffold matches from the NWA in the '80s were classic. Almost like a relic of the past, there hasn't been one in forever. As a tribute to the type of content you can see on the WWE Network, a scaffold match would be a heck of a lot of fun.

Strap Matches and Dog Collar Matches: Again, this is something you can see on the WWE Network all the time, but it hadn't been in a video game yet. Roddy Piper an Greg Valentine's dog collar match at the original Starrcade was a bloodbath. Being able to recreate it would be nuts.

Michael "PS" Hayes: One of the most influential and imitated wrestlers of all time, Hayes has never gotten the respect he deserves. Even by today's standards, he's got a one of a kind theme and a just as cool entrance. It deserves to be immortalized in a video game.

Create Your Own Ring Gear: The NBA 2K games make it possible to design your own shoes and have Nike make them for you, for a fee of course. How sick would it be to see your own designed belt, shirt or tights get delivered right to your doorstep? This is a cash cow waiting to happen.

“WWE 2K15” is set for a October 28 release in North America and will ship on October 31 internationally.

What do you think of these ideas?Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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