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What separates ‘Battlefield Hardline’ from the rest of the series

What separates it from the other games?
What separates it from the other games?
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

The Battlefield series has always been known for some type of first person war game. Dating back to Battlefield 1942, the series started with World War 2 all the way up to modern day (including a future shooter in 2142). This formula has gained in popularity as the series includes tanks, helicopters, planes and other vehicles. With the recent inclusion of destructive environments, this helps separate itself from the competition and defines the series. Now, Electronic Arts and DICE are changing the game. A new formula is in place as we worked with Lead Multiplayer Designer Thaddeus Sasser at E3 2014.

The biggest change to the series is the protagonists and antagonists. Rather than going with traditional marines versus terrorists, EA has gone with a police force taking on criminals in real world locations. The setting that was available to play at E3 and in the beta was, ironically, Downtown Los Angeles, where the convention is held. The two modes available were Heist and Blood Money. According to Sasser, the game will support 64 players online on console, however only 32 were available during the beta.

The Heist mode will focus on the “fantasy” big score and pulling off the perfect job. With the Blood Money mode, this mode is more symmetric as everyone will try to gather money from the bank. Two teams basically fighting over a huge pile of money while trying to get it back to the base. Either way, with these two modes, teamwork is needed, and that is something Battlefield has always been accustomed to.

New vehicles help pave the way for the isolation from the rest of the series. There are no tanks or jets this time around, but helicopters still exist. Along with those, players can expect literally a slew of vehicles including sports cars, vans, motorcycles, jet skis, and more. The idea is to expect the rock-paper-scissors concept between the vehicles, so there is always something to cancel out each other. You can also shoot out the windshield in cars to help gun down someone in front of you. All of these things look to redefine the series, however keeping it familiar. Stay tuned for more information involving Battlefield Hardline.