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What senior cats need

Cats age much quicker than we do. Some cat experts estimate that every year of a cat's life is equal to about 5 of our years.

Check out the article for some great tips on caring for your senior friend.
Check out the article for some great tips on caring for your senior friend.
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Dr Jon the Vet would like to tell you about what is important for senior cats…. "What Senior Cats Need".

Three common questions mentioned from owners of senior cats……

1. When is a cat considered "senior"? Cats are usually considered "seniors" during the last 25% of their life. If a healthy indoor cat lives to be 18 years old, he or she would be considered a senior around the age 13 years. Outdoor cats have a much shorter life span. An outdoor cat can be a senior at 8 or 9 years of age (even younger for some cats). They are more susceptible to the dangers lurking outdoors including ticks, fleas wild animal predators and feral cats.

2. How often should your senior cat see the vet? Senior cats ideally need routine veterinary exams twice a year regardless of age. Small changes in their behavior can be normal, however there are certain cat health symptoms that should concern you and will the vet.

3. What are important symptoms to look for? Watch out for several symptoms that signal a cat health problem. For example, vomiting.

Remember, a "symptom" is a indication of a disease. It is not a disease in itself. For example - vomiting is a symptom and can be associated with a number of diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

For a full list of signs you need to watch for, go to: When Your Senior Cat Needs to See a Vet. The article lists 20 health problems that should be addressed immediately.

Remember, it's not your job to diagnose the disorder. It's your job to observe your cat, assess all of his bodily functions and report his indicators to your veterinarian as soon as possible to help maintain her cat health.

Another very good article is Keeping Your Senior Cat Healthy .

If she or he is having severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, or if he loses consciousness, quickly take him to your veterinarian. If you have a senior cat, any time you have a worry or see an aberration it is a good time to see your vet.

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