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What schools really need but are afraid to ask

Parent volunteer
Parent volunteer
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With the economy tanking and schools closing and teachers being laid off as a result, some schools are afraid to ask parents to volunteer. If as a parent you want to get involve, go to your child’s front office and sign up to volunteer weekly. When you sign up, inform the volunteer coordinator that you are willing to help in the areas listed below and note the surprised but pleased expressions when the staff realized that you are serious.

Lunch room monitor
The cafeteria is a place of noise and havoc. Different grades march into the cafeteria at different times for different reasons. Every school has a great lunch time system but volunteers are always needed because lunch is a time to vent for many if not all students. If uncertain about this, walk by the cafeteria, the noise level is like an orchestra tuning their instruments before the curtain goes up.

Clerical work
The front office is always in need of volunteers. Take home notes should be xeroxed, sorted and distributed. Files should be sorted and organized. The front office staff is usually so bogged down with incoming calls and students that these basic clerical duties are usually neglected.

Bus duty
Ever observe a school campus as students arrive and depart? It is a busy time and yes there is a system in place but because there are so many students, volunteers are always needed. Volunteering parents are always welcomed but because of the influx of arrival and level of exodus, school staff are afraid to ask parents to volunteer. If you are not use to the noise and number of students, it can be an intimidating experience.

An outing
Class trips can also be intimidating but parents are always welcomed. Students are usually very hyper at school outings and while they are on their best behavior, they can be tiring even if it is a short period of time.

If you can be a committed volunteer in these areas, your child will be happy because he or she will love having you on campus and the school so overjoyed by your presence might give you a most valuable award.

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