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What's Your Nightlife Personality?

Last night a DJ saved my life…” It is survival of the fittest--the New York mentality. It also describes the nightlife scene for many party-goers on NY’s busy entertainment circuit. The City’s nightlife scene explodes with personality--from boroughs to neighborhoods! Just as your personality is unique to you and influences your most natural or not-so-natural reactions/responses to particular activities, places or other people; NY’s nightlife personality is influenced by a combination of all those “unique personalities,” creating the entertainment scene that so many live for and thrive in. So, how much of that “personality type” plays a part in your partying style? Does your nightlife personality steer you more toward club or lounge-style partying; OR, could you possibly be a “mixed bag?”

With a diverse culture, huge tourist attraction and bustling nature of city life, NYC is home to thousands of entertainment venues—from hotel lounges to worship-turned-nightclub venues; down-under to rooftop views; the avenues of Manhattan to the streets of Brooklyn--the diversity in NYC’s nightlife landscape is as diverse as the city’s many cultures. It is a nightlife that offers many options for the many personalities on the entertainment scene. A nightlife defined by the personalities that cause one to gravitate toward that which is more in-tune and aligns with a chosen lifestyle—whether it’s a late night social spot or an after-work “relax your mind” setting; whether you’re a week-day entertainment junkie or more conventional and engage in social activities only on the weekend.

Yes, New York’s social scene offers you an assortment of entertainment; and depending on your likes and dislikes, you can have just about all that can be imagined, from Jazz clubs/lounges to multi-level hip-hop clubs; long lines to VIP only; crowded dance floors to intimate, sofa-cushioned conversations--endless possibilities for new experiences. So what determines your party-style? Perhaps, age, gender or marital status has had a direct or indirect impact on how you choose to entertain yourself--from a more rambunctious Club-style, to one that is more laid-back. Your personality, yes, it can change; and so can your nightlife needs. Explore NYC’s nightlife--let your “nightlife personality” take you to entertainment bliss!

Hot-Spot for the Month: Check-out new Jazz & Cocktail Lounge, Analogue NYC.

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