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What's your motivation to skate?

What's your motivation to skate?
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What's your motivation to skate?

Is it to get in a calorie blasting workout? To increase your cardiovascular endurance? Is it an excuse to get outside on a beautiful day? Or maybe your favorite alternative to biking or running?

Whatever your motivation, it's always helpful to identify your inline skating goals and keep them in mind throughout the year.

Even if you're not a serious skater or you enjoy skating for purely recreational purposes, goals like "skate 5 miles once a week," for example, will help you track your fitness levels and gauge progress.

If you're interested in trying an inline marathon for the first time, or want to join a group skating session, jot those down somewhere. How will you meet those goals?

Writing your goals in a fitness journal can give you a sense of accomplishment (or not) as you look back over the season to see how much you've done, and help keep you motivated and engaged.