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What's in Your Manicure Cabinet? Nailtini of course!

You know you've grown up when you demand the finer things in life. Jazz music, kitten heels, closet organization and a well-stocked beauty bar to include just a few.

Mix me up something like that!

I'm not going to pretend I've mastered everything in my thirty-something years, but I am getting pretty darn close.

I store my nail polishes in easy to see and reach boxes, my beauty cabinet is organized with my favorite facial creams and cleansers, my fancy shoes are stored in cloth bags, and I own tin foil and parchment paper. I even bought some moth balls this past week. Moth balls. Pretty big deal, huh?

It only made sense I add Lacquer Cabinet's Nailtini top shelf polishes to my increasingly ultra-sophisticated lifestyle. Why? Because I still like mixing things up.

It seems no matter how organized life may appear from the outside I've never failed at shaking up the order.

Nailtini Lacquer Cabinet polishes were made for girls just like me.

While you can buy these solo polishes for $13 a bottle, I prefer the mixer sets (featured monthly with color collections designed my famed artists and beauty bloggers) which often include three on-beat shades along with two empty polish bottles so you can try your own hand at polish mixology.

I got to test out the Coy line designed by makeup artist Sarah Coy, as well as the Love collection inspired by beauty blogger Faith Roxas, and they are both unshakeable.

Coy features villain inspired hues to celebrate our favorite evil-leading ladies,from Ursula to Maleficent. Are you lured by black with a touch of shimmer? Venom is your poison. Do you favor champagne (what a Brut)! Bottle Green is your hue. And then there's Cement Mixer, because if you've had too many, that may very well be where you find yourself at 2:AM. (Just a warning.)

From the Love line, I had a serious girl crush on the bright pink Pink Clover Club, though my sophisticated and grown-up taste quickly turned to the rich wine hue of Valentini. And then there was glitter... And no matter how old or young you are, there's something just so right about falling Head Over Heels for sparkle, especially when it's purple speckles mixed with pink.

So I may have my foil and my parchment, feather dusters, organized bins of beauty products, and even moth balls, but things are still quite in the mix around here.

And I happen to like things that way because in MY world, chaos is order.

That's what's shakin.

(And I think I'll have another...)

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