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What's your excuse?

Everybody should find a way to get active
Everybody should find a way to get active

“Just find an excuse to win.” This quote is from the beginning of Lone Survivor, with footage of Navy Seals training. Watching the opening scene will make almost everybody realize they could be in better shape; and that Seals have mental toughness well beyond most people.

Think about the words though. People have plenty of excuses for why they can't do certain things, especially when it comes to exercise and eating healthy. Family needs, time, energy, and money, among other things, are all common excuses for not exercising or eating healthy. Where are the excuses to put other things aside for a little bit and actually take care of ourselves?

From a Seal's perspective; our excuses are petty. They basically endure torture to keep themselves in the best shape possible. They have to win. There isn't another option.

Now, this does not mean you need to push your physical and mental boundaries to the extreme. However, you do need to be pushed. Just like seals, you have to win. You don't have another option. Not exercising and eating healthy has consequences. You may not notice them immediately, but down the road, watch out.

Injuries, chronic illnesses, stress, poor job performance, depression, lethargy, and being a poor example for children are all effects of not taking care of one's health. People make plenty of time to watch TV, take their children to movies, go out to dinner, working extra hours, post on Facebook, and do many, many other non-physical activities.

If you have time for any of these things, you most likely have time to exercise and cook a few healthy meals during the week. Find an excuse to take a walk or shoot hoops with your kids, rather than sit on the couch or at the computer. Watch your half hour or hour show at the gym while you are on a treadmill or elliptical. You get the idea.

So, is your health worth it? Is it worth making an excuse to push the other things aside? Do you want to “win” by leading a healthy life filled with experiences? If yes, find your excuse to win. You will thank yourself later.

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