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What's your 'Everyday Chemical'?

Anyone who reads this article uses technology and may know a little bit about addiction to it's usage. An electro-pop group called Twintapes have a song “Everyday Chemical” with such a theme. The lead singer, Pavel Rivera says “Everyday Chemical” to me is about my cell phone. That’s one of my everyday chemicals. Also, computer time, coffee, social networking (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), I consider huge time sucks, but can’t seem to stop using nonetheless."

The music video for the single “Everyday Chemical” is now available on Youtube. It deals with the cycle of emotions associated with one's everyday vices. The acting is believable, as the facial contortions are very expressive on the main character of the video. The visuals lead you to believe that the story involves pill use, but the lyrics allude more towards needing a drink and a computer with “I'm sipping on a spell” and “dream machine.” While the subject matter is heavy, the beat is very danceable and will no doubt be popular in the dance clubs.

This trio from Brooklyn will be playing at the Mercury Lounge in NYC on this Friday, Apr. 4, 2014. A good reason to see them perform live? Pavel Rivera reveals, "We don't use laptops or prerecorded/produced tracks to accompany us on stage. We believe it takes away from the 'live' and human aspect of a performance. We modify our arrangements to make the performance a more rewarding experience for our fans and to also differentiate it from the album recordings."

Join their social media addiction by adding them on Facebook and Twitter.

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