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What’s your chocolate chip cookie style?

What chocolate chip cookie do you like best?
What chocolate chip cookie do you like best?
Stephanie Carley

You may think a chocolate chip cookie is a chocolate chip cookie. However, there are a limitless number of chocolate chip cookie recipes. All a little different, and all producing a different style of cookie. Some people like soft chocolate chip cookies, others may like crispy chocolate chip cookie.

So how do you know what type of chocolate chip cookie to make? First, know what you like. If you don’t know, try the following recipes and decide which style of cookie you like. Once you know what you like, follow the recipe to fit the cookie.


Thick and soft- If you like a chocolate chip cookie to melt in your mouth, you probably like your cookie thick and soft. What’s the secret to big soft cookies? Cornstarch! For the perfect soft baked chocolate cookie, try this recipe.

Thin and crispy- Like a little crunch to your cookie? Thin and crispy might be the way to go! Give this Martha Stewart recipe a try.

Thin and chewy- Want a thin cookie but still want it to be soft? No worries, there’s a recipe for that too! These cookies have a little crunch around the outside but the middle is nice and chewy.

Thick, crunchy, and chewy- A thick, crunchy, and chewy might just be the perfect chocolate chip cookie mix. Thick with a crunchy outside and soft inside; get your glass of milk ready! Click here for the recipe.

If you live in the Madison area you are getting a chocolate chip cookie craving, check out the following locations:
• Tank Goodness Madison: Tank Goodness will bake and deliver your cookies and bring milk! Click here to find out how you can order.
Madison Sourdough: This bread based company also makes chocolate chip cookies. Don’t let the name throw you off, stop in for a cookie.
Silly Yak Bakery: If you have gluten restrictions, Silly Yak is the place for you. Stop in for one of their gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

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