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What's wrong with saying, 'My bad'?

What's wrong with saying, 'My bad' when you make a mistake?
What's wrong with saying, 'My bad' when you make a mistake?
Margaret Minnicks

There is an expression that young people and some adults say just because others are saying it; however, they might not say it again after reading this article.

When some people make a mistake they say, "My bad." What's wrong with simply making a complete sentence by saying, "I made a mistake"? Saying "My bad" is bad. First of all, it is grammatically incorrect. Secondly, why would anybody want to curse themselves by calling a negative condition upon themselves? Thirdly, saying "My bad" is admitting a mistake for hurting someone; however, it is not an apology.

The exclamation, "My bad!" is a way of saying, 'My fault! My mistake!' It's said to have derived from the game of pick-up basketball, popular in the inner cities. A player may say it when he commits a foul or when the ball goes out of bounds.

Some people nominated "My bad!" as a candidate for the 1999 "Word of the Year," an end-of-the-year contest sponsored by the American Dialect Society. It was immediately pointed out that the phrase is over twenty years old. However, it was popularized by the 1995 cult movie "Clueless" which was loaded with teenage slang.

"My bad!" is only one of the many clever expressions common in the speech of young people in recent years. The phrase "My bad!" is probably decreasing in use compared to its popularity in the mid-1990s. However, it's still current slang used in all parts of the country. It's used by young people and even some adults.

We can't keep teenagers from using slang. And we can't keep adults from using slang. However, we can still communicate with them without using slang ourselves.

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