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What’s Wrong with Being Single?

Today, if you’re single, everyone wonders why. Of course there must be something wrong with you that you cannot and have not found a partner until now. Even if it’s your personal decision to remain single, you will feel the frown on you. Let’s just say that you’re not interested in anyone and you enjoy being by yourself and with your friends and family-- nope- something definitely wrong with you.

Everyone lives with this taboo of having to find someone and living a whole life, but no one knows what that really means. If you’re comfy with being you, and you don’t need anyone else completing you, then why be on a lookout? Is this an absolute? Does life have to be lived in only one way? From everyone else’s perspective, yes. But you can break that mold if you have the guts.

What’s better than wasting your and the other person’s time/life/whatever, is to make sure you know what you want. After you get that part straightened out- if it happens to be staying without a partner (at least for now) - then stay your ground and get ready for talks/advice/lectures. But you have to go against the grain and not give a mind to who said what.

You also need to dodge their questions by opening up other topics of conversation. Just ask them about their personal lives. Either it draws the attention away from you- if you’re clever enough- or it will bring it right back to you; in which case you can just tell them that you’re happy with your decisions. They might not understand how; but if you’re genuine, they will believe you and leave you alone for a few minutes.

What you want to avoid is being clever by using the same topic at them. It comes across as rude and insensitive. I know they’re doing the same thing to you, but you don’t have to be them. Be yourself. Don’t take their comments to heart because they just want to talk and pry since their lives are too hard to deal with. When you have your own problems to deal with, one mechanism to not deal is to talk to and about others.

Suddenly your world becomes small and theirs becomes really big. It’s as if the whole world revolves around them and you have to figure out this grand puzzle, because of course you’re the only one who can put the pieces together again and figure out the mystery in their lives. Stay away from doing that by focusing on your own life. Pick something positive and think about that every day until you come up with a solution for your own mishaps.

Besides, if you get in a relationship because it’s expected, you will make your partner miserable. One day when you realize that you were never ready, you’re not alone any more. You have now dragged someone else into your confused state of being. Save yourself some headache/heartache/trouble and make the right decision now. Stay friends, make friends, and spend time with your family. When you know you want someone special- in a different way- in your life, then give that a shot. But until then, what’s wrong with being single?

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