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What's wrong with Angie?

No baby for Jessie and Angie
No baby for Jessie and Angie

At Amanda (Chrishell Stause) and Jake's (Ricky Paull Goldin) wedding, Dr. Angela Hubbard (Debbi Morgan) nearly collapsed in her husband, Jessie's (Darnell Williams) arms. Her vision got a little fuzzy for a moment as well. Angie recovered quickly and assured Jessie that she was fine.

However, after a couple of more occurances, Angie knew that she had to self-diagnose. Before she ran any tests, however, she discussed her nausea and dizziness with Jessie, who noticed that she wasn't eating her delicious lunch. He noted that she hadn't eaten her dinner the night before either.

As Angie described her symptoms to Jessie, he asked her a loaded question, "Angie, could you be . . ."

Although she protested, her eyebrows raised and for a moment the Hubbards contemplated the possibility of a pre-menopausal pregnancy.

At the first realization of this possibility, Jessie's face reflected an "Oh no, are you kidding me?" look. However, as the show progressed Jessie's attitude changed to the point that he went out and bought a cuddly, stuffed kangaroom to help Angie understand how happy he was about their impending bundle of joy.

When Angie returned to the hospital after lunch, she ordered some tests to be run, including a pregnancy test. She did not reveal that she was the patient on whom the tests were being conducted when she asked for them to be run.

When the results did arrive, Angela called Jessie with the news---she was not pregnant. In a very poignant moment, this long time adored couple suffered the loss of a fleeting dream. Having been separated for most their son, Frankie's  (Cornelius Smith, Jr.) childhood, Jessie had lost out on many of the experiences of fatherhood. Atlhough the Hubbards are a mature couple, a baby born so late to them , obviously, would have been viewed as a blessing.

In this moment of loss, Angie and Jessie consoled themselves by recognizing that hopefully grandchildren are in the not too distant future for them. Yet, on another level, the realization of Angie's not being with child also underscored the fact that they are no longer young. Another child is not in the cards for them.

And that leaves us with a more serious question. If Angie is not pregnant, what is causing her dizziness and blurred vision? Is it high blood pressure? A brain tumor? The stress of working in a hospital now owned by Dr. David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry)? As the summer season unfolds, Angie's condition is bound to be a major story on AMC.


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