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What’s wrong with America’s politics

These are the 3 main leaders that shape todays politics in America. They are from left to right Speaker of the House John Boehner, President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
These are the 3 main leaders that shape todays politics in America. They are from left to right Speaker of the House John Boehner, President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

What’s wrong with America’s politics? If anyone can fully understood the answer, they would be very rich.

The faces of American politics are the Speaker of the House John Boehner, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the President of the United States, Barack Obama. It seems that most people blame these three public figures as the problem of nothing being done in American politics.

John Boehner, the Republican that is in charge of the House of Representatives, has fired the latest shot over the bow of President Obama’s ship by filing a lawsuit against President Obama.

Come on Mr. Boehner, is this the best the Republicans can do? What will happen if you win the lawsuit? Will someone get money, will anything change, where is this lawsuit going to help anything to get done? All this lawsuit is doing is further dividing this country.

Now, it is certainly not just the Republicans fault for nothing getting done. The Senate and the House cannot agree on anything. In fact, it is such a rare occurrence, when they do agree the mainstream news organizations make a big deal out of it. What I am saying is that both parties are at fault and the President of the United States is to blame as well.

President Obama should be working these things out with his opponents. After all President Obama, and this congress is not the first to be divided because of politics and the way or direction the country should go. President Obama should be the leader and get these things taken care of so the laws can be passed and things get done. How many times have we heard of the President walking over to congress to address issues? All we hear is press releases and speeches from all three about it is the other leaders time to fix the problem. What is happening is that because of social media and the Internet everyone is more aware and in much more detail about the issues of today than they have ever been in the past. All three of these leaders are worried about hurting each party’s chances in upcoming elections.

This is where the American people come into this “fix it equation.” Until the people decide that they have had enough and stop choosing sides because of the politics involved, the problem will not be fixed. Mr. Boehner, Mr. Reid and President Obama needs to get on with the business of the American people and do their job, which is not playing politics but taking care of the people and this country. If this does not happen, then not only should the President be sued, but the Speaker of the House and the Democratic Majority Leader should be sued, and all three should be impeached. The people need to become the leaders and call out what is wrong with the issues of this country from both parties and stop choosing sides. Let’s face it, the Democrats, the Republicans and President Obama all want to do the best they can for the country, but each one has a different way of getting to the same point. All three have some good and some bad ideas. The American people without bias to the party should start a revolution for what this country needs. How we get there is not as important as getting there. It should not be this party or person made it happen. It should be about what we accomplished together. Right now we cannot get the bus moving because everyone is putting on the brakes.

They and we need to stop the blame game and focus on the issues. The issues are what need to be fixed, not the people or the party that is involved. Today’s elected officials don’t want to fix issues, they just want to be re-elected even if it means destroying the country they are elected to represent.

This country is more important than any individual, any party or any President. It is time to drive the bus together, go down the road and finish the trip by everyone going in the same direction. It is not important what model or year the bus is that they are traveling in.

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