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What's with the bacon?


In December, while researching for my article, I came across something I found a bit strange. The Library, a DInkytown bar, had a redneck special on Wednesday evenings where they offered free bacon along with cheap PBRs in order to attract patrons. Unusual, I thought, but certainly harmless--a gimmick.

The idea of offering bacon to bar customers and calling it a redneck night, I had thought, was a novel way to promote your bar and offer something "a little different," a quality approach to bar-ownership and management. (Personally, I find the idea of eating bacon while consuming alcohol very off-putting, but this is due primarily to a negative personal experience involving three guys, a 30-pack of High Life, a jug of wine,  a pound-and-a-half of bacon, and a very unpleasant cleanup.)

The other day, however, in researching I came across something that changed my mind. I was viewing the page for The Triple Rock Social Club, and I noticed that they, too, offered free bacon (while supplies last) in addition to cheap beer, and also on Wednesday nights.

Have I missed something here? Is this now a trend? I have yet to find the answers about whether this is an up-and-coming trend, something that has been under my nose and unnoticed for years, or merely a flash-in-the-pan fad among an apparent cultural crisis of valuing redneck status.

Needless to say, I am on the case, and these questions will not go unanswered.