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What's with faith today and shadows of Y2K?

Future fears
Future fears
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Barely ten years ago Y2K fears were at the top of news and private conversation. It was feared that when most of the world's calendars shifted from 1999 (20th century) to 2000 (21st century) all you-know-what would break loose. The year 1999 was fraught with intense anxiety about daily life.


The main fears centered around computerized systems of global enterprises unable to survive, world-wide, to provide basic services of heat, cooling, business computers, digitally-driven systems, and personal and public telephone communications. The fear was that the programmers of the new computer 20th century had suffered technological forgetfulness. The programmers, it was feared, had not anticipated a new century. No experts could say for sure that they had!


What followed was a full year of discussion, writing, and even seminars about an imagined serious threat ahead, fraught with paralyzing global discombobulation. Governments, scientific institutions, and even local church leaders warned of a variety of possible Y2K threats and  complete failures leading to global disorder and panic. All because of computerization, which the world already relied upon far less than today, yet significantly even then.  .  


National and global electrical and computerized systems seemed doomed to crash. After that, having lost basic record and communication systems, how would the planet function: It was stated to be a real possibility and horrendous probability to contemplate. Many people feared daily, for months on end, leading up to the change from 1999 to 2000. Having programmed computers, the programmers said they had no idea how the computers would react.

I remember a visitor in our home telling of her pastor preparing his congregation for the likelihood of a complete disarray of “life as we know it.” I remember thinking that was a strange reaction for a pastor, to advise all sorts of reactions, including buying special tools to deal with possible electrical and gas dysfunctions. I remember thinking of Habakkuk, the amazing prophet of the Old Testament that wrote that even if every crop failed and every other necessity disappeared, he would trust the Lord. That seemed to be the foundation to stand upon. Trust God!  

Few things change, although the methods and “faces” may change. Today most private and public fears revolve around environmental, terrorist, and political calamities and predictions that claim news attention every day. Much of it is immediate news and money- or profit-driven. Many instant and popular reactions hinge on fears of imminent calamity.


There is enough real calamity to contemplate, yet many people choose to be aware yet not disturbed. They continue day by day living, loving, striving, and overcoming, by faith. Yes, legal issues affect them, affecting personal freedoms of speech, decision-making, and finances, as well as rising taxation threats. What these few can do, however, hinges on an awareness, participation, and lack of fear, through their faith and trust (confidence) in God. 

People of faith in God the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ prevail. They know that God enables His people to overcome. That is fact. It is a mystery, yet it is a reality. As a Christian, I know like Habakkuk of old that my “fate” does not rely on man or on environment but on God. God is in control, for my life, reality, and soul are in His hands.  

Those who trust in God are taxed, boxed in by laws, limited in many ways due to security, safety, or health efforts—like everyone else. Yet God has planted within our beings the assurance, by His Spirit’s witness to our spirits, that He will guide us through. Governmental influence does not guide our lives—ultimately. Tax us, regulate us, even seek to “control” us according to political or other views, and the people of

God always prevail, for He is far above and more powerful than all governmental and other power controls.

May believers in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, use God-given intelligence, sensibilities, and wisdom to live, laugh, love, prosper, and prevail, regardless. In faith is freedom, through sacrifice, injustices, enclosures, and suffering, if it comes to that. Praise be to the victorious God every day. No one who trusts in Him shall ever be disappointed. Amen.