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What's In, What's Out: A Complete List of Cancelled and Returning TV Shows


Why so shocked? You really thought NBC was going to renew Heroes? (NBC)

What’s In, What’s Out: A Complete List of Cancelled and Returning TV Shows

It’s the time of year when you have to start worrying if that new show you love is coming back or going the way of the dodo and disappearing forever. Then there’s the show you’ve invested multiple seasons in that, without warning, comes to an abrupt end. So to protect the sanity of the television viewing public, this list has been compiled of all of the shows on the five major networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and The CW) and whether they have been cancelled or have been renewed for another season.

CBS (Local WTVF Channel 5)

Accidentally on Purpose: Cancelled.
The Amazing Race: Renewed.
The Big Bang Theory: Renewed.
Cold Case: Cancelled.
Criminal Minds: Renewed.
CSI: Renewed.
CSI: Miami: Renewed.
CSI: New York: Renewed.
Gary Unmarried: Cancelled.
Ghost Whisperer: Cancelled.
The Good Wife: Renewed.
How I Met Your Mother: Renewed.
Medium: Renewed.
The Mentalist: Renewed.
NCIS: Renewed.
NCIS: Los Angeles: Renewed.
New Adventures of Old Christine: Cancelled.
Numb3rs: Cancelled.
Rules of Engagement: Renewed.
Survivor: Renewed.
Three Rivers: Cancelled.
Two and a Half Men: Renewed.

ABC (Local WKRN Channel 2)

The Bachelor: Renewed.
Better of Ted: Cancelled.
Brothers & Sisters: Renewed.
Castle: Renewed.
Cougar Town: Renewed.
Dancing With the Stars: Renewed.
The Deep End: Cancelled.
Desperate Housewives: Renewed.
FlashForward: Cancelled.
The Forgotten: Cancelled.
Grey’s Anatomy: Renewed.
Hank: Cancelled.
Happy Town: Cancelled.
Lost: Finale airs May 23.
The Middle: Renewed.
Modern Family: Renewed.
Private Practice: Renewed.
Scrubs: Cancelled.
Ugly Betty: Cancelled.
V: Renewed.

NBC (Local WSMV Channel 4)

30 Rock: Renewed.
The Biggest Loser: Renewed.
Celebrity Apprentice: Renewed.
Chuck: Renewed.
Community: Renewed.
Friday Night Lights: Officially renewed for its fifth and final season.
Heroes: Cancelled.
Law & Order: Cancelled.
Law & Order SVU: Renewed.
Mercy: Cancelled.
The Office: Renewed.
Parks and Recreation: Renewed.
Trauma: Cancelled.

FOX (Local WZTV Channel 17)

24: Cancelled.
Brothers: Cancelled.
American Dad: Renewed.
American Idol: Renewed.
Bones: Renewed.
The Cleveland Show: Renewed.
Dollhouse: Cancelled.
Family Guy: Renewed.
Fringe: Renewed.
Glee: Renewed.
House: Renewed.
Human Target: Renewed.
Lie to Me: Renewed.
Past Life: Cancelled.
The Simpsons: Renewed.
Til Death: Cancelled.

The CW (Local WNAB Channel 58)

90210: Renewed.
America’s Next Top Model: Renewed.
Gossip Girl: Renewed.
Life Unexpected: Renewed.
Melrose Place: Cancelled.
One Tree Hill: Renewed.
Smallville: Renewed.
Supernatural: Renewed.
The Vampire Diaries: Renewed.



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