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What's V-Day without wine

Valentines Day

Ok, it's almost Valentine's Day and if you are like most people, you have not even thought about what you are going to do for this special occasion. Valentine's Day congers up visions of romantic dinners, chocolates, flowers and lots of loving. But do you really know what your loved one wants?

A recent survey shows that the old standby, chocolate, is not the number one thing women want. And flowers are not number one either. The survey says; wine! That's right, chocolate comes in second to this romantic beverage.

Oh, don't believe me? Then go ahead and give her that big box of fattening chocolates. See if it gets you anywhere. Not !! Come on guys, think about it. Think "romantic". Think "love". Think "sexy"!

Trust me on this. Plan your evening so that it includes wine. Plan an evening out at a special place with special wine. Plan an evening at home where you prepare a special dinner for her that includes wine.

So you're not the best cook in the world; if you have the right wine, she will forgive the burnt lasagna and the dirty salad. You tried and she will love you for it.

Now that we have this all settled, what wine should you give her? This is where you need to do your homework. Is she a red or white wine drinker. This is important. Your whole meal needs to be planned around the wine; and her of course. If you just have no idea at all, then fall back on the beverage of love; Champagne.

You now have a little over a week to do your homework and prepare something special for the love of your life. And trust me, if you do it right, the rewards will be beyond belief. Yes they will.

Charlotte and the Metro area is full of great restaurants, romantic places and special events during this time of the year. Just a little more thought then usual will give you an evening to remember. Food + wine + proper planning + that special person = true bliss!

With the right wine and a little luck, that "lots of loving" part just might happen. And ladies, try to cut him some slack if it looks like he is trying.

Good luck to you both.

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