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What’s up with black-eyed kids? Part 1 of 2

I have been covering and writing about all kinds of paranormal happenings over the years but surely the strangest of all is the phenomenon of what has become known as the black-eyed kids (BEKs).

This is a photo from the movie, The Black-Eyed Children, a horror film released in September, 2011 based on an article by Brian Bethel.
Movie promo pic

It is an interesting concept because although they appear to be just innocent children, they are said to be able to mess with a person’s mind by causing extreme terror. In some cases, those who saw these eerie children have experienced a string of bad luck, if they did not do as they requested.

And that request generally involves asking to ‘come in,’ whether it is at your home, car or some other place like a hotel room. In one case, they asked to “come in” to a boat. In some cases, these BEKs have asked to use a telephone, for something to eat or for a ride home.

They appear as kids who may be anything from five years old to a teenager but have deep, dark pools of inky black eyes (sometimes appearing ‘midnight blue’ or dark purple) with no pupils or irises. That in itself is enough to frighten anyone who meets them. As well, they are said to have milky white skin giving them an appearance of being almost plastic in nature.

BEKs might show up alone or with others that knock on a door or even a window. They are said to speak in a monotone voice. They can sound quite demanding but sometimes giggle in a high-pitched way that is also quite unnerving.

Brian Bethel, an American journalist, had an encounter with BEKs in Abilene, Texas and told his story in an article on Reporter News. Bethel recalled that it was in the summer of 1996 and he’d gone to Camalott Communications to pay his Internet bill. Before he went in, he sat in his car writing a check, which he intended to put in a “night drop-slot.” Then there was a knock on his car window.

“Two young boys, somewhere between nine to 12 years old and dressed in hooded pullovers, stood outside,” he noted. “I cracked the window a bit, anticipating a spiel for money, but I was immediately gripped by an incomprehensible, soul-wracking fear.”

The two boys seemed quite normal at first. They said they wanted to see a show at a nearby theatre but had left their money at home. They asked if Bethel could give them a ride. However, he knew that the show had already started and driving them home first made no sense because it would be pretty much over by the time they got back.

Perhaps these two boys sensed his reluctance. When he looked at them again, they were staring at him “with coal-black eyes” that he described as “soulless orbs.” Stricken with “all-consuming terror,” Bethel said he gave a multitude of excuses why he could not drive them.

As he rolled up his window, one of the boys banged on it and said, “We can’t come in unless you tell us it’s okay. Let us in!” Many people who have encountered these kids have said exactly the same thing. They need permission before they can enter.

As for Bethel, he grabbed the gearshift, “threw the car into reverse” and “drove out of the parking lot in blind fear.” Most startling of all, when he looked in his rear-view mirror, the boys were not there.

“Even if they had run, I don’t believe there was anyplace they could have hidden from view that quickly.” Interesting, because they have been known to appear and disappear just like that.

Bethel has no idea what he really saw that night.

“Your guess is literally as good as anyone’s. I’ve had everything from vampires to demons to ghosts to aliens to a somewhat-detailed hallucination posited as possibilities.”

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